Monday, December 9, 2013

Ootoya: Katsu in Bangkok

While re-exploring the Siam Center area, I decided to have my early dinner at the Discovery Center, which is just across the intersection from MBK. I was already a bit tired from walking around so I decided to check out the restaurants at the Discovery. I ended up eating at a Japanese restaurant at the upper level of the mall where also located is the Madame Tussauds wax museum in Bangkok. I didn't go in the museum as it was not my type of museum (I prefer the science museums and art galleries.). Anyhow, the restaurant's name is Ootoya, and the branch is supposed to be a part of a chain of restaurants you'll also find in other countries including, of course, Japan.

A pestle to go with the bowl of sesame seeds
Rosu katsu set includes miso soup, rice, lettuce and shredded cabbage
Why eat in a Japanese restaurant when in Bangkok? Well, for one, I already had my full of Thai food and didn't want anything spicy before I flew back to Manila. Another reason to eat Japanese food in Thailand is the fact that there are many good Japanese restaurants in Bangkok. This is in part due to the many Japanese visitors who go to Thailand that basically increased the demand for Japanese food. Of course, I have been to Thailand many times in the past so it's not like I haven't tried Thai food. In fact, I even ate at Thai restaurants while traveling in the US one time, preferring Asian food to burgers and steaks. So for those visiting Thailand for the first time or maybe the second, I strongly recommend their trying Thai street food and food courts (they have these in the malls) rather than go to some fancy restaurant. Eat where many Thai eat and don't risk it at a possible tourist trap.

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