Friday, December 13, 2013

Chocolate review: Fujiya Look Chocolat

I became curious when I saw the Fujiya chocolates at a store in Motomachi in Yokohama, Japan. Fujiya is a popular bakery chain in Japan where we bought cakes and bread. The cakes I bought there were usually for bringing to a friend's home (dessert after dinner or lunch) and I recall I bought quite a number considering I was frequently invited for lunch or dinner during the weekends. The chain even had a mascot, Peko-chan, who's a little girl with ponytails.

Fujiya Look Chocolat contains six pieces each of milk chocolate with bitter, mild and white chocolate fillings.
The chocolates are on a plastic tray wrapped in foil inside the box.
Wrapper indicating the three types of chocolate
Details about the chocolates are found in the back. Unfortunately, I purchased this in Japan so there is no translation in English. However, there are values indicated that are obviously information on the nutritional value of the chocolates.
I didn't expect too much of the chocolates as they were the inexpensive type (80 yen per box) and were packaged more as simple sweets for after meals or perhaps to get over a craving for chocolates. And that's very much how I could describe their taste - just okay. It's not the type of chocolates you would try to buy a lot of and probably keep in storage for a while mindful, of course, of the expiration date.

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