Sunday, December 29, 2013

Revolving restaurant in Eastwood

I had the opportunity to have dinner with fellow study team members at the revolving restaurant atop the MDC 100 building in Eastwood City. I didn't know that there was a restaurant there until only this early December when I asked where we would be having our usual dinner out after our team meeting cum workshop. The 100 Revolving Restaurant is located at the 33rd Floor of the MDC 100 Building right at the entrance to the Eastwood City development in Quezon City and along C-5. From what I observed, parking is not difficult and security will guide you to the elevators leading to the 33F. The other floors of the building are offices, mainly occupied by a Business Process Outsourcing firm.

A view of Ortigas Center
Consomme with mushrooms and onions - the only food I was able to take a photo of because of prudence.
Busy kitchen
Traffic along Circumferential Road 5 - as far as the eye could see.
Googling the restaurant on the internet, it turns out that it is by Chef Jessie Sincioco of Le Souffle fame. I didn't know this despite seeing the Chef Jessie name on the menu. I could have talked about this to our colleagues/teammates over dinner to impress them but apparently that didn't matter as they thoroughly enjoyed the food, especially our Japanese friends who ordered steak. In my case, I loved my grilled prawns and consomme, though I now think I should have gone for the sea bass, which was supposed to be my first choice. There is always a next time!

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