Sunday, January 5, 2014

Back at Ginza Bairin, U.P. Town Center

I finally got to take the Clairvoyant out to lunch at the U.P. Town Center. She was also curious about the restaurants as we often passed the area and not just on the way to the university but also for meetings in the Quezon City area and en route to her parents' home in Novaliches. It was an easy choice for us despite the many restaurant options at the town center. Prior to Christmas, we had planned to lunch at Yabu after watching the second Hobbit movie. We weren't able to get a table due the full restaurant so we had to put off our katsu treat until after Christmas. 

I had told her a lot about Ginza Bairin at the U.P. Town Center as I had eaten here with friends twice previously. The place can also get quite crowded when there are classes. My friends and I have observed that most customers at the restaurant were non-UP people and likely from the more exclusive schools along Katipunan Avenue. And so I figured that since it was Christmas break the restaurant would not be so crowded. I was right and so we were able to have a nice post-Christmas lunch.

The scallops we ordered were just right - crispy breading on the outside and soft, melt in your mouth scallops on the inside.
I had the hire katsu set while the wife had the kurobuta set.
Ginza Bairin's signboard
We enjoyed our lunch and according to the wife, she thought Ginza Bairin was better than Yabu. I think this was partly because the former was less crowded? But then we both have been to Yabu and I have been to may other katsu restaurants including the time when I was in Japan. I can say for myself that Ginza Bairin is so far the better among the two. However, I must say that its a pretty close call and Yabu serves very good katsu so it's practically a toss-up for all I care.

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