Friday, January 3, 2014

Chocolate review: Shiroi Koibito

A favorite souvenir (omiyage) from Japan is Shiroi Koibito, which roughly translates into "White Sweetheart." It is white chocolate sandwiched between two milk biscuits and a delight for those who have sweet teeth like me. The first time I tasted one of these sandwiches were back in the mid 1990s when an old friend brought a box as omiyage or pasalubong on his first trip home since leaving for Japan to take up graduate studies. He mentioned that it was a popular souvenir that people got when they went to Hokkaido and that it was his first time to see it sold at the JR Tokyo Station so he made sure he brought some home. It was good so I don't think the contents lasted til the next day.

A box of Shiroi Koibito from Sapporo, Japan
Details on the chocolate including ingredients and where its made (Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan). The expiration date is also indicated in the box.
A look inside the box reveals the individually packaged goodies and a nice preview of what to expect inside each pack.
There are different box sizes corresponding to the number of sandwiches (and the number of people whom you thought would enjoy the pasalubong). This is the smallest box with 16 pieces.
Truth in advertising: though the image is enlarged, what you see is what you really will get once you open a pack. And it is really good and something you can give to your koibito that she will surely like. For those who are not fond of white chocolate, there is the milk chocolate variant and the mix of milk choco and white choco. I haven't seen or checked if there was a dark choco variation to this but I'm not sure that will go well as a sandwich.


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