Friday, January 10, 2014

Chocolate review: Lotte Black Ghana

Dark or bitter chocolates are quite popular in Japan with Meiji and Morinaga having various products in the market. So I enjoy browsing the supermarket shelves for the "regular" chocolate bars that include these varieties of chocolates. There are, of course, high end chocolates but why spend so much when there are good inexpensive ones. Lotte is another company producing chocolates and they have their own line competing with Meiji Black. Lotte's Black Ghana is marketed as having extra cacao with a tagline of "The authentic rich flavor of cacao." Despite having basically the same % cacao as Meiji Black, there is a distinctive bitter taste to Ghana compared to the sweet Black. I got a box of Ghanas last October so that we have some bars to tide us over until my next trip to Japan.

Lotte's Black Ghana is packaged in a box. The chocolate bar itself is wrapped in foil.
Information on the chocolate including storage temperature are indicated on the box. I bought this one in Japan so there is no English translation provided (i.e., on a sticker).  
I haven't seen this chocolate bar in Manila. Supermarkets or groceries usually only have the Meiji's. Perhaps this is available in Japanese stores somewhere? Meanwhile, I should get my supply when I return to Japan this February.

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