Thursday, January 23, 2014

Snacks: Pocky sticks

A favorite snack whenever I am in Japan are pretzel sticks that go under Glico's Pocky brand. The regular Pockys are in a red box and feature crunchy sticks covered with milk chocolate. There are also variants with strawberry flavored chocolate, white chocolate and chocolate with almonds. However, my favorite is the Men's Pocky variety, which is the variant with bitter chocolate. These come in their distinctive green boxes. 

Featured in this post is a new product that I found in a neighborhood grocery store in my most recent trip to Tokyo. These were longer sticks than the usual and the box contained 2 packs of pretzels.

"Big" means "longer" pretzels than the regular Pockys. The inset on the packaging indicates a new or improved
More details on the pretzel sticks - unfortunately, everything is in Japanese so you can figure out perhaps only the nutritional information because of the numbers and units provided.


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