Thursday, January 9, 2014

Macadamia Nut Butter

On a recent trip to Bangkok, I decided to browse a familiar shop inside Suvarnabhumi Airport. The shop was one of a few that carried products of companies or groups that have the patronage of the Royal Family of Thailand. These are not your Jim Thompsons or King Powers but something like an outlet for local products much like the One Town One Product (OTOP) stores we have in the Philippines. I was checking if they had those stone mugs from Chiang Mai that we bought more than a decade ago when the Clairvoyant and I were on our honeymoon in Bangkok. Though I found none of this or other similar items, one product did catch my attention - jars of macadamia nut spread.

After learning about and finally tasting the much hyped cookie butter spreads people were raving about last year, I was quite curious about this macadamia nut spread. I wasn't quite impressed with cookie butter but I like peanut butter and, of course, nutella, which is basically chocolate and hazelnut. We love macadamias so I thought this couldn't go wrong.

Chunky macadamia nut spread by Do Tung
Do Tung Development Project is a company under Royal Patronage
Information on the jar states that the macadamias used in the spread were grown in once barren mountains of Do Tung, which are located in the infamous Golden Triangle.
More information on the product
The chunky macadamia nut spread looks like fresh chunky peanut butter.
Out verdict on the macadamia nut spread is that for us, it's better than cookie butter. The Clairvoyant still likes peanut butter more but in my case, I think macadamia nut butter is better and has that distinctive taste of macadamia we love. There's no cheating here and the spread's definitely a delight. I will definitely get more of this the next time I'm in Bangkok.

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