Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Home made apple pie and cookies

Yesterday, I posted on the "baking exercise" at home last Saturday. I was only a fringe participant in that activity, which I would say was "highly anticipated" given that it had to be postponed several times due to various reasons including the inclement weather two weeks ago and our commitment to bringing our dog to the vet every Saturday the past few weeks (Our beloved Lab was very sick but he's better now.). This post is the conclusion to yesterday's as I feature the finished products. I would have had more photo for yesterday's and today's posts but for the hazy photos taken that I thought did not do justice to the apple pie and chocolate chip oatmeal cookies the wife and our good friend had laboured over (baking is not an easy thing).

Home made apple pie fresh from the oven
Chocolate chip oatmeal cookies still on the pan
Home made apple pie and cookies ready for eating
I may be biased but the wife and our friend did very well and came up with really good apple pie. The cookies were okay but we all agreed they could be better the next time around. I was telling them that the cookies were good enough and comparable to what we could buy from the major bakeshop chains but obviously, the perfectionists in us wanted cookies that were "5-star hotel grade." There will be a next time for this.

There's still some cookie dough (ready for the oven) in our freezer and I remember there's also another pack containing a second pie crust dough. I recall that the original plan was to bake two apple pies but after the first one and a few hours work, they had to be satisfied with one big pie. And there were only five cookies so perhaps the leftover dough can still be improved for the next batch of cookies to be better than the first. Anyhow, we are now looking forward to more pies (mango?), cookies and perhaps brownies, cupcakes and more complicated concoctions in the future.


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