Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Remembering our forever puppy

Troy will be forever with us and we will always remember him as a puppy. He simply refused to grow up and be the adult dog that he already was. Malambing is an apt but probably an understatement in as far as Troy was whenever he was with us. With the 'ber' months coming up fast, we couldn't help but reminisce past Christmases with our forever puppy. As a further tribute to Troy, following are a few more of our favourite photos of him taken during his first Christmas with us back in 2004.

Troy at 11 months always loved to hop on our sofa, often to peek out of the window whenever we drove into our garage. (December 2004)
He loved Christmas perhaps because he loved the smell and taste of the food. He knew he would always get his share of whatever it was we had. Of course, his favourites were the bread and fruits that we generously fed him on Christmas and New Year's Days.
Our Christmas dorgy all dressed up for the holidays.
Post Christmas cuddling at the sofa. He wasn't light as he had quickly grown over the 8 months that we had him. The puppy in him loved to sit on our laps despite his size. And it wasn't difficult to make him pose for a few photos. 

Wherever you are now, it will be Christmas everyday and forever enjoy being a puppy! Thanks for the happy memories of those Christmases you spent with us. You were truly a joy!

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