Monday, August 18, 2014

Troy: 2004 - 2014

We lost our Troy today. After battling what was suspected to be bone marrow cancer, he finally succumbed after his deteriorating condition forced us to finally let him sleep. He was very dear to us, always providing comfort and laughter every time we were at home. He was a house dog or "dorg" as we referred to him - a play on dog and dork. His favorites were pandesal and bananas though he also liked whatever bread or fruit you gave him. He knew where the pandesal or bread was and would usually take our hands to lead us to the table or the refrigerator and waited for us to reach for the food before he let go of our hands.

He loved to go on walks or runs, being my jogging mate during his younger days when we still resided in a nice village along Marcos Highway. He was always a puppy even in his advanced years. He always snuggled up to us and seemed to know when we were happy, excited, tired or sad, even angry. He had this knack for matching our moods and knowing what to do around us. We liked to call him doctor dog whenever we didn't feel well and he stayed at our side even just to provide company. He would sneak into our bedroom and lie down to sleep beside our bed. Sometimes, he snored so loud that we couldn't help but laugh or giggle. He enjoyed life and he shared his life with us. He had a full life - 10 years and 7 months in human years roughly translate to about 74 dog years. And so it is only right that we give him a fitting farewell...

Troy as we want to remember him - a shiny, happy dorgy!

Farewell Troy! Thank you for all the happiness you shared with us. You will be missed! We know that you are now in dog heaven with Our Creator!


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