Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Missing our Troy

It's a nice sunny morning and we can't help but miss the company of our lab, Troy. It doesn't really hit you until you start wondering why it's so silent now at home and you didn't have to ask if someone wanted to go "Out! Out!" to pee and poop. It is also painful to not have someone wait on you at the dining table for whatever scraps you could spare (though we always gave him his share of good food). 

Troy passed on to dog heaven yesterday and even the vets who took care of him this last 7 years were in tears as they also said goodbye to Troy before he was put to sleep. Two of the vets at the clinic were the ones who usually took care of Troy and Barbi for check-ups and whenever they were sick. They both made the trip to our home for Troy's final house call and we appreciated very much their concern about our lab. They were the ones who made sure Troy had been comfortable these past two months after his diagnosis of bone marrow cancer. His passing was inevitable given that at his age, it would have taken so much from him if he were to undergo cancer treatment.

Missing the snout and the company - Troy was always there and especially when we were relaxing or working from home. He will make an effort to squeeze himself in whatever space was available just so he could be close to us.
Even at the last moment, we could tell Troy wanted to assure us that he was okay and though weakened by his condition, he made a last effort to try to get up and do what he did best - comfort us. We restrained him and I had to tell him that it was time for him to rest. He had given us so much and we will never forget all these happy memories. We lost a dear friend yesterday but he will always be in our hearts and remembered. You are now with Our Creator Troy. Rest in peace and enjoy the rest of eternity with your friend Debra. Run free, eat whatever and whenever you can. Make everyone happy!

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