Tuesday, August 12, 2014

What's baking?

The wife and one of her BFFs got together last weekend to do some baking at our home. They had planned this activity a long while ago but the rainy days and other intervening events made them postpone until last Saturday. Their agenda focused on apple pie (which our friend loves and is her specialty) and cookies. Prior to the baking "spree" the wife already bought the ingredients and equipment including measuring cups, mixers, bowls and a rolling pin. Following are a few photos of them mixing all the ingredients for the wife's first foray into baking and the inauguration of our oven. I was only a bystander and took a few photos for posterity so I won't be talking in detail about the process nor the ingredients used.

Mixing ingredients for the crust.
Pie crust being flattened with a rolling pin.
Crust laid out on the pan
The apples are spread unto the crust on the pan.
Ready for the oven!
Next up: the result!

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