Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Honda Bay island hopping - Cowrie Island

Cowrie Island was not on the itinerary of islands in my previous island hopping trips in Honda Bay. I recall that it was mentioned as a possible itinerary but it was undeveloped at the time (about 4 years ago). This time though, it was the last stop of our island hopping and we found the island already developed for visitors with its cabanas and eating areas able to accommodate the steady stream of tourists going on the Honda Bay packages.

Safety guidelines at the docking area
Our banca was among the first to arrive at the island; affording us time to practically enjoy the island before all the other tourists arrived.
Our early arrival at the island meant there were few people and lots of opportunities for good photos without crowds to ruin the scenery.
Cottages can be rented by groups while they wile away their time at the island, which is usually the last stop in island-hopping tours of Honda Bay.
I took this photo of our hut against the backdrop of pristine waters
Another attempt at a post card photo with my trusty BlackBerry Bold
Despite many people already at the island when I took these photos, there are still opportunities for shots where there's few or no people shown. At right in the photo is the eating area where all visitors converge for their meals (a lunch buffet is set-up in the area).
A jet ski for rent sits in the shade. There are also huts where you can have a soothing massage.
A fallen tree is alive and well, and provides a certain atmosphere.
Drift wood and trees with the main island of Palawan in the background.
Cowrie Island is a good example of a well-preserved and maintained tourist destination contributing to Palawan being regarded as a top island destination in the world. 
This was my 4th island hopping in Honda Bay and I will probably go on this trip every time I have the opportunity to do so whenever I am in Puerto Princesa. It is a good opportunity to enjoy the beaches in those island and the scenery is definitely for recharging your batteries. Palawan is definitely one if not my favourite destination and I am glad that there are opportunities to visit and enjoy the attractions of this island.

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