Friday, November 7, 2014

Takeiya Take 2

We had lunch again at Takeiya along Maginhawa Street in UP Village. This time, we had their yasai itame, seafood teppan and chicken katsu curry. The yasai itame or stir fried vegetables was good and we all agreed it was very much like the ones we ate in Japan or at the authentic Japanese restaurants here. The seafood teppan was also good and we thought the serving was on the generous side considering that it was supposed to be for one person. We thought the order could be shared by several people especially when you want to sample several dishes among yourselves (i.e., in a group).

Seafood teppan
The chicken katsu curry though was on the sweet side due probably to the curry mix that they used. I like my curry spicy and usually get the medium spicy mix that you can easily purchase in the supermarkets. I have featured that in a previous post here. A bit disappointing for me was the katsu itself. I thought the breading was not right and too thick for authentic katsu. The chicken meat was a thin strip and overwhelmed by the thick breading. Together with the sweet curry, it just wasn't satisfying for me. Perhaps someone with preference for sweet curry and bread-focused katsu would have a different opinion.

Chicken katsu curry
I think we will return to Takeiya from time to time to check out their other offerings on the menu. We thought that overall their food was good and price-wise, it didn't hurt our wallets. They only recently opened and with the competitive food scene in the area, they should do pretty well if they are consistent and strive to improve where they can. For restaurants like theirs that serve foreign (Japanese) food, there will always be room for improvement.

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