Monday, November 24, 2014

Honda Bay island hopping - Starfish Island

Back in Palawan after almost 5 years, we made sure we had time to go on island hopping in Honda Bay. This was my fourth time but it was always an enjoyable activity to go to some of the islands of Puerto Princesa to swim and enjoy and the scenery/beaches. Our first stop this time was the so-called Starfish Island. Previously, the first stop was the so-called Snake Island, which had a long sandbar from which the name of the island was derived. However, according to our tour guide Snake Island is now owned by a (in)famous actor notorious for his behavior and antics on and off the screen. The actor was said to have been enamoured by the island's beauty and decided to buy it and make it his own private vacation spot. Boatfuls of tourists have since been barred from the island - definitely a loss to local tourism.

We were among the early birds that day so there were only a few boats and tourists when we arrived at Starfish Island.
Starfish Island also featured a long stretch of white sand beaches. The main activity at the island was basically swimming and snorkelling. There was an area where there were lots of fishes and you can enjoy swimming with them or feeding them (popular if you had kids with you). The swimming area was a few minutes walk from the shelters on the island.
The island was obviously well-kept. The surroundings were clean and the mangroves were thriving. 
I took this photo during the squall we experienced. The sudden heavy rains were perfect substitute to showering to wash off the salty sea water from our swim.
You can enjoy some snacks or a full meal on the island but since it was the first of three stops on our schedule, we decided against eating. Instead, we had coconut water fresh from the shell to quench our thirst after our swim. We had our drink as we waited out for the sudden rains to stop before we proceeded to the second island in our itinerary that morning.

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