Monday, November 24, 2014

Honda Bay island hopping - Luli Island

Our guide told us the Luli stands for "lulubog, lilitaw" that translates roughly into "sinking and surfacing." This is a reference to the islands sandbars that are exposed for most of the day and especially during low tides and submerged during high tides.

The sign on the island is obviously popular with visitors for souvenir photos.
Long stretch of fine white sands at Luli Island
There's a warning sign on the beach stating "no swimming allowed" in an area where poisonous jellyfish and stonefish have been found. There is a line and net separating areas safe for swimming from areas where its risky to take a dip.
Another warning sign along the long sand bar at Luli Island reminding visitors about the hazards in the area.
Pristine waters and sands of Luli Island with the literal "footprints in the sand" in the photo

We spent a few minutes swimming, wading and walking at Luli Island. By the time we got there, there were already a lot of other visitors at the island and the swimming area was quite crowded. We decided to leave earlier to head for the last island in our itinerary - Cowrie Island.

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