Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Chocolate drink from Family Mart - Cocio Dark Chocolate Milk

I am always curious about what I could find in convenience stores. I already am familiar with what Seven Eleven and Mini Stop have to offer in their shelves but I have not really had the chance to check out what Family Mart has and soon there will also be a Circle K nearby the university. Among the items I usually look for whenever I am abroad are chocolate drinks. I found a good one at Family Mart.

The bottle reminded me of the old Choco Vim and Magnolia Chocolait drinks of my childhood days
Detailed information on the chocolate drink at the back of the bottle.
Cocio retails for about 80 pesos at Family Mart. The drink is actually made in Denmark so that in part accounts for it being pricey. There is another variant that is Milk Chocolate available at the same convenience store but I prefer the dark chocolate drink. Is it worth the price? Definitely! And I will likely get a bottle or two whenever I get a chance.


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