Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Indian food craving in Singapore

We liked to eat Indian food whenever we were in Singapore and it helped that the city state has a sizeable Indian community, which is part of the multi-racial, diverse composition of Singaporean society. It is not difficult to find places where you can eat good Indian food there. We didn't really go for fancy Indian restaurants. The food courts and hawker markets where many people eat at are among the places where you can eat authentic Indian food without hurting your pockets.

On this recent trip to Singapore, we decided to get some Indian food at Lau Pa Sat. We went for some safe choices in the form of chicken biryani and chicken tikka. I saw somewhere on the counter a sign stating that the food was in the Hyderabad style. Hyderabad is one of the states in India. I will probably look up what exactly is meant by the food being prepared/cooked in the "Hyderabad style". I'm no food connoisseur so I didn't really notice a very significant difference from Indian food we had in other places like Lau Pa Sat before. The food was actually quite pedestrian compared to restaurant food but that's okay for us and we enjoyed our meal.

Chicken biryani and a generous serving basmati rice with curry on the side
Chicken tikka and nan


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