Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Chocolate review: Kirkland Dark Chocolate Covered Mangoes

This month has already seen me posting what seems to be a 'career-high' in monthly chocolate reviews. It's not because I don't have other material to write about but more like I have a lot of drafts on chocolates that have accumulated that I have to trim down. Still, these posts seem to be quite enjoyable and a nice distraction from the more serious stuff I write about in another blog and as well as typical work-related writing that I also do.

This feature is about chocolate covered mangoes that we got at an S&R store the last time we did some groceries there. That was months ago and we got curious about this pack, which cost something like about 800 pesos. We had intended to taste this and then, if it was good, the plan was to purchase a few more packs to bring abroad to share with friends missing Philippine mangoes and like chocolate (who doesn't like chocolate?).

Kirkland Dark Chocolate Covered Mangoes come in a 500g resealable bag
The packaging states that mangoes are from the Philippines and the chocolate used was responsibly sourced. I am not sure about where the cacao came from but the mangoes most likely came from Guimaras, which is a prime producer and exporter of mangoes abroad and particularly to the US and Canada.
Details about the chocolate covered mangoes are at the back of the package
A description of the mangoes and a definition of what they meant by 'responsibly sourced' chocolates
Nutrition facts and serving size
It doesn't say what % of cacao comprised the dark chocolate but based on the taste, I would say that it would be minimum 30% cacao.
Kirkland's dark chocolate covered mangoes is a winner! I think it is a delight and enjoyable mainly because of the mangoes they used. Tremendously biased as I may seem but it is my opinion that the taste of mangoes from the Philippines is how mangoes should taste like. Soon I will be writing about a more premium chocolate from a more popular and established brand that also used mangoes and I will explain there why that chocolate doesn't taste quite right.

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