Monday, August 29, 2016


I haven't written about our other dog, the youngest of the three we currently have. Boots was given to us by a friend and was actually named by her daughter. The dog's fur around his four feet gave the impression that he was wearing boots and that somehow made it easier for him to be named thus. Boots is half Maltese and half Poodle - a maltipoo and is quite an energetic dog for a small breed. We thought he was well matched with our Mocha, a very active Golden Retriever.

Another happy dog

Boots has only recently recovered from what was diagnosed as some kind of fungal infection he got from birds. There are a lot of birds coming to our garden and the vet told us that perhaps something in the bird poop was what infected boots so that he had what appeared as a severe case of dandruff. His kind turned out to be relatively high maintenance and it was the first time we had a dog that required a lot of grooming. Even our Mocha didn't require much in terms of shampooing and combing. Nevertheless, he's a loved member of our home and our daughter loves playing with him especially running around our garden.


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