Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Chocolate review: Canonica Swiss Milk Chocolate

The Clairvoyant brought home an interesting chocolate given to her by a guest at their office. It was a milk chocolate so she didn't have much except a good piece to enjoy after dinner.

Canonica Swiss milk chocolate came in a simple packaging. You can see the chocolate and the peanuts sprinkled on one face of the chocolate.
The back contains information on the chocolate but in French. There is, of course, the very obvious Swiss themed ribbon around the chocolate.
A close-up of the details including the maker's website
The wife and I agreed it was good milk chocolate and the nuts made it interesting and more enjoyable. I would say that it was definitely on the sweet side and we already expected that. It is Swiss chocolate and they have an impressive selection from the website so I assume this was perhaps one of their basic variants or something like a sampler. I look forward to tasting their more premium products should I encounter the chocolate in future travels.

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