Sunday, August 21, 2016

Chocolate review: Ghana Extra Cacao Mild

I remember featuring Ghana chocolates in one or more of my past articles. Ghana chocolates are made by Lotte, which is a Korean company. It is no wonder that I got these chocolates at a Korean store in Alabang at a commercial center across from my hotel. I bought a few bars of these in Japan before so I was curious if this version tasted the same.

This is the Korean version of Lotte's Ghana Extra Cacao Mild
I couldn't quite determine from the text at the back of the package how many % cacao was in this chocolate.
I believe the chocolate tasted the same as the previous ones we've enjoyed that we purchased in Japan and Singapore. From this, I would also dare to say that the chocolate basically compares with Meiji Black, which contains something like 35% cacao. The 70g bar was priced at 30 PHP so it was an inexpensive treat. I would likely get these chocolates again if the opportunity presents itself. Meiji Black is now very much available in most supermarkets when it wasn't a few years ago. So why can't these Ghana chocolates be more available, too?

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