Sunday, May 14, 2017

Back at Vieux Chalet

We haven't eaten at Swiss Vieux Chalet for quite some time now. And so we decided to eat there again also partly to see if our Ally would like the food.

Vieux Chalet has remodeled their front
Inside, it was almost the same interiors as I remembered from the last time we were there.
Quaint tables, framed artwork and a piano
The patio had a major improvement - the windows
Raclette - this is our favorite appetizer here and we almost always order it to start our meals there
Our very refreshing basil lemon iced tea and calamansi honey cooler
Homemade smoked pork chop with mushroom sauce - this is actually my favorite item on the menu and I have not enjoyed pork chops anywhere as much as I enjoyed these, with or without rice. If you still opt for rice, their herb rice is the one you should order as it is perfect with the chops.
Five cheese grilled pizza
Chocolate cake a la mode - our daughter definitely enjoyed this treat with the homemade ice cream
Today's Mothers' Day so I thought it was a good time to post about our recent lunch there.  Our daughter enjoyed the food (she loved the pizza) but we thought she enjoyed the place more as she was amused by the interiors and the kind chow chow they have who just lay there in front, apparently for guests to pet. We'll be back again soon so we can try other items on the menu. That way, our Ally could also develop her taste for different dishes (and good food).


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