Monday, May 8, 2017

Hot chocolate: Godiva Hot Cocoa

I was browsing the material I had posted last month and realized it was the first time (month) I didn't have a single article on chocolate. I usually had at least one every month but for some reason I didn't get to write one. Perhaps its because we didn't get to try out a new chocolate so there was nothing new to write about. This time though, there's a few that I would likely write about this month of May. 

A good friend had a trip to the US earlier this year and I was assigned to be her OIC for a couple of weeks. Knowing how much I like my hot chocolate, she gave me a canister of powdered cocoa by Godiva.

Godiva hot cocoa in a canister
Information about the company and the chocolate
Nutrition facts
Among my mug collection is this one from Bag of Beans that I occasionally use for when I have good hot chocolate
I basically followed the instructions written on the canister but instead of using fresh milk, I opted to use condensed milk to mix with the hot cocoa. The end result was a perfect drink during one cool morning during the first quarter of the year. Actually, our daughter had been egging me to make some hot chocolate and pointed to the canister when asked how we will make some hot choco.

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