Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Chocolate review: Torino Noir Dark Chocolate with Hazelnut Filling

Here is another chocolate that we forgot about in storage (read: the back of our refrigerator). I found this bar with what was left of our most recent stash of dark chocolates and decided to eat it not because of curiosity but because its label indicated that it would be the first to expire among the chocolates we had in reserve. The date at the back of the label though did not indicate expiration but most likely was a "best before" information.

Dark chocolate with hazelnut filling
Details on the chocolate at the back
Nutrition information

I think I got this one from a trip to Santis to purchase some wine. I was curious about the hazelnut filling for this dark chocolate but I only got one bar because the Clairvoyant was not really a fan of this type of chocolates with fillings unless the chocolates happen to be the really good ones that we've tried before. If it were from Santis then its likely that this cost about 125 PHP, which is not so expensive for a 100g Swiss chocolate bar. We thought that the filling was just the right texture and flavor to mix with the minimum 47% cocoa. It was more on the sweet rather than the bitter side of dark chocolates. I will try to get a bar or two again soon just to get reacquainted with this chocolate.

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