Thursday, October 30, 2014

Artsy Cafe, Maginhawa Street

We decided to check out the other end of Maginhawa Street after discovering a newly opened Japanese restaurant in the area near Holy Family School. We had mostly explored the en leading to Bgy. Botocan andthe Camp Karingal area and we had not been to the other part leading to Philcoa in a while. Previously we had dined in that area near Holy Family as we frequented Grill Queen, Salt of the Earth and other restaurants/eateries that used to be in the area. What's still there right in the mid-sections of Maginhawa are Friuli, Adobo Connection, Crazy Katsu and others that survived and and are now thriving in the Maginhawa food scene.

Artsy Cafe features a bar but with no seats so you can't eat there. You do, however, get the artsy feel from the decors including the colorful vintage style lamps.
The chandeliers and drawings are also consistent with the restaurant's theme.
Tables have what looks like wheat grass for functional ornaments. I say functional because they can always get a pot and put the grass in the blender for a quick, healthy drink to serve customers.
I ordered grilled fish fillet and was not disappointed with my food. The fish came with a salad consisting of arugula, tomatoes and mangoes.
I ordered their chocolate cake to see if it was the real deal mentioned by our office staff who had eaten here before. It wasn't the best chocolate nor was it among the best I've tasted but it was good - it was moist enough and not too sweet.
We were already hungry when our other orders arrived so I wasn't able to get photos of their katsudon and barbecue chicken. My colleague said the chicken was okay but the katsudon was so-so and they didn't have the togarashi spices that could have been the difference for this Japanese dish. I have heard from our office staff about their eating here previously and they had good meals so we'll probably be back to try out the other items in their menu.


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