Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Chocolate review: Marks and Spencer Intense Dark Chocolate

We ended September with a post on chocolate and begin October and the last quarter of the year with a chocolate review. The wife brought home a couple of bars of dark chocolate from Marks & Spencer. I was not expecting much though I wanted this to be a good bitter bar. Not many chocolates that we have tasted with greater than 70% cocoa were comparable to the Valrhona's and Stella's that I have featured in this blog. Marks & Spencer's Intense Dark Chocolate contains 85% cocoa solids and comes in packaging that to me resembles gift wrapping.

The packaging for Marks & Spencer Intense Dark Chocolate is like a gift wrap.

Details at the back of the packaging

The verdict is that it is smooth dark chocolate. While it is not completely surprising considering it has the Marks & Spencer brand, I still did not expect that it would be just right in terms of bitterness and sweetness at 85% cocoa. At 175 PHP (around 3.89 USD) for a 100g bar, it is a reasonably priced, very good quality dark chocolate. It is definitely a bar we will definitely buy again whenever we happen to be at Marks & Spencer.

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