Sunday, October 5, 2014

Via Antonella - another jewel along Maginhawa

Another discovery along Maginhawa St. is Via Antonella, which shares a building with Wicked Kitchen, Katsu Cafe and The Breakfast Table. It is a clean, well-lighted place at the corner of the ground floor of the building in Sikatuna Village and has intrigued us since we started having our lunch outs in the area. Following are a few photos taken from a few of our lunches at the restaurant.

The menu states the address and contact info of the restaurant.
It has a bar for those who intend to have drinks rather than just eat.
Curiosities include their lamps that reminded me of the Soviet Sputnik satellites that were the first man-made objects sent into space.
A view of Maginhawa from inside the restaurant
Another photo of the tables showing the specials for the day, the napkin holder and decorative accent.
A closer look at the wines on the cleverly designed holders on the wall
Staff working on customers' orders - their staff are attentive and helpful to diners
Chili tuyo pasta
Beef salpicao
Iced tea and warm kalamansi juice
Tuna belly adobo
Chicken barbecue
Dessert - I don't remember this to be in the menu but this sinful delight tells a lot about how good eating at the restaurant is
We have become regulars at Via Antonella. It is a cozy place to have lunch at and the food is good so it is a no-brainer in as far as lunches go. The prices of items on the menu are also reasonable even on a government worker's salary or perhaps a student's allowance. We have not found it crowded during lunch time so it is easy to get a table. It helps that their staff are attentive and have good manners when dealing with customers.

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