Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Badjao Seafront Restaurant

Back in Puerto Princesa after almost 5 years, I was quite excited to explore the city again despite us being on official business with a Visiting Professor from Tokyo. This circumstance did not limit us from enjoying what Puerto Princesa had to offer in terms of food. Our guest loves sea food and we do, too, so it was not so difficult to decide on where to eat. Our hotel was about 15 minutes to the city center where the popular dining spots were and the hotel manager recommended that we instead go to  Badjao Seafront restaurant that was just about 8 minutes from the hotel. Being already hungry after an afternoon's meeting and our delayed flight that only afforded us a quick lunch before our appointment, we took his recommendation and did not regret doing so.

Entrance to the restaurant
The interiors
The lamps
Salt and pepper squid and tuna sashimi
Kinilaw na tuna
I wasn't able to get good photos of our other orders that night. I think we were very hungry to take more photos and already engaged in interesting talk. Our meals at the restaurant though were very good and we went back to our hotel full and satisfied with out meal. It also helped that unlike other restaurants that tend to be noisy, we had nice background music care of a musician on the piano playing relaxing music for diners. There were also other sights around the restaurant located along the coast and these were fishermen doing their thing including some on foot and wading the shallow (it was low tide) waters around the restaurant to catch fish or crustaceans hiding in the mangroves. 

Despite the location of the restaurant (it requires some travel from the Puerto Princesa city center) there were lots of customers. These were mostly foreign tourists and everyone seemed to have enjoyed their meals based on how they ate and some of their reactions as they were served and ate their food. I think Badjao Seafront restaurant is a good option for those looking to have a good lunch or dinner in a clean, well-lighted place where you can talk without having to raise your voice to compete with loud music or noise. The food is really good with fresh ingredients and their service is also good - all plus points for this restaurant by the bay.


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