Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Porch by Cafe Verde

Looking for a place to eat after not being to go to our usual places for lunch (no more parking spaces!), we decided to check out a nearby restaurant that we spotted as we passed by Anonas Extension one time. The restaurant is The Porch by Cafe Verde. We were not familiar with Cafe Verde but we were definitely curious about The Porch as it is located in a building that was formerly a house along a predominantly residential area in Sikatuna Village. Their system has people ordering straight from the counter with the menu directly beside or above the counter. After paying for your orders, you can get back to you table and the meals will be served by their staff. Items on the menu are basically American Diner stuff plus some rice meals for those who prefer these over sandwiches.

Menu showing one of their specialties - Brian's Ribs

Desserts, drinks and burgers

Condiments on each table include ketchup, worcestershire sauce and hot sauce

Bacon, mushroom and cheese burger

Chicken-fried chicken

A close-up of their very juicy burger
The verdict based on what we ate is that the food is good and worth the money you paying for them. The servings are quite generous for the diner type items (e.g, hamburgers) and just right for the rice meals. I only learned recently that there is a Cafe Verde at the U.P. Town Center. We don't frequent the area despite it being near our office so I am not really familiar with what restaurants have opened there. Traffic seems bad for the short stretch of Katipunan that we have to traverse to go to U.P. Town Center every time we go there and, of course, there is the average cost of meals at restaurants there that is basically a deterrent for most of us who are on a budget. We will probably be eating again at The Porch but not necessarily in the near future considering the other choices along Maginhawa Street or in Teachers Village.


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