Saturday, October 18, 2014

Chocolate review: Valrhona Noir Caraibe

The batch of bars I bought at the airport last February included several Valrhonas like Caraibe. I featured this in a previous post but am writing about it again and posting the photos of a different bar of Caraibe. This is a 70g bar that I found at the airport duty free shop in Manila and not the 100g bar I bought before in Changi. It contains 66% cacao and, according to the label, is supposed to have a "balanced and velvety taste." So far, we have found Valrhona chocolates to be the real deal and a big deal in terms of quality. The taste speaks for itself.

Caraibe's 66% cacao is smooth and true to its billing as balanced and velvety
Again, more information on the chocolate at the back
This bar cost 7.10 USD or about 308.60 PHP at the present exchange rate. That's pretty expensive for a 70g bar (about 4.41 PHP per gram). However, I think this bar like other Valrhona bars I've written about previously is worth its price. I just consumed a bar over the past 3 days. It took me that long as I wanted to enjoy the chocolate and eating a bar of chocolate this good in one seating is just not right.

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