Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Carbonara or something like it

The Clairvoyant remembered that we still had some prosciuto in the freezer so we decided to try to make some carbonara. This was, of course, inspired by the cooking on David Rocco's reruns that we usually catch on TV. My only request was for her to do away with the egg. True to her recent form with respect to her cooking, the Clairvoyant with some help from our helper turned in another terrific dinner. Well, it is not so difficult to satisfy me on the dinner table especially when good pasta is being served.

Homemade creamy carbonara with prosciuto, button mushrooms and pepperoncino
A close-up of our delightful dinner

I think the keys to good pasta recipes are the ingredients. The herbs, meat, spices and pasta should be high quality. That gets you probably halfway to a good meal. The other half would have to be the cooking itself and with formal instructions as guide, one should not be afraid to put in his/her touch to customize the flavors according to the tastes of whoever will be eating the food.

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