Wednesday, March 18, 2015

When Uan Met Sally - Maginhawa Street

We had lunch at UP Village again and decided to check out some new places we saw this new cafe just across from the Artsy Cafe along Maginhawa Street. "When Uan Met Sally" had a curious name about it and I remembered it being mentioned by a good friend who also likes to try out the restaurants and cafes in UP Village so we decided to try it out.

The cafe offers a cozy place for a full meal or snack.
The owners obviously paid a lot of attention to detail when it came to the interiors of the restaurant.
They have this "Mickey Mouse" fruit bunch on display.
Another photo showing the interesting interiors of the cafe.
They have a nice shop up front that sells some interesting stuff including these rosaries from Israel. These don't come cheap though as the beads are made of semi-precious stones and metal work.
Lemongrass and chamomile blend tea.
They have a good salad on their menu and we liked that they mixed in the grapes and candied walnuts to the greens.
Their take on chicken adobo
Spanish sardine omelet

The food is okay but their current menu is quite limited. It also took a while for our orders to arrive so I guess they also have a small kitchen that's not really designed to handle a lot of orders for meals. I think they are really more a cafe that's suitable for meriendas or coffee or tea after dinner rather than for lunches or dinners. We'll give it the benefit of the doubt in terms of their offerings as they only opened recently.

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