Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Nic's Kitchen

There's this nice cafe in the Mandaluyong/San Juan area that we went to many years ago when we met up with a good friend living near there. We never returned to eat there despite our interest as it was out of the way. Sasadyain talaga if we wanted to eat there or the other cafes we saw in the area. There's finally a Nic's Kitchen that's more accessible to us as they opened a branch at the UP Town Center. We decided to eat there one lazy Saturday noontime and was surprised there weren't much people eating there. I guess they thought it was more a shop than a restaurant. That's their loss as the food is good at Nic's Kitchen.

Nic's Kitchen has many bottled delights including their bangus specialty that's ready to eat with bread or rice.
Parmesan chicken with pasta and bread.
Roast beef salpicao with salad on the side.
The cafe/shop is a cozy place to eat. Nothing fancy but nice for conversations or small meetings. They have a good menu and even better, more selections for cakes and pastries.
Another look at the cafe's interior showing more goodies in the refrigerator.
A good meal deserves a good dessert to cap it off


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