Monday, March 16, 2015

Kampai Sushi Bar in Antipolo

Kampai or kanpai loosely means "cheers" or a toast in Japanese. After watching a movie one evening at the theater at newly opened mall near our home, we decided to take a look at the restaurants there. We decided to try out a sushi bar that seemed to have a lot of customers (so it must be good?). There was even a party at its second level so it was quite noisy inside due to the music and the partying people. We just had some drinks to go with our sashimi and maki.

Kampai Sushi Bar opened a few weeks ago at the new Robinsons Place in Antipolo. It's the first Japanese themed restaurant, cafe or bar at Robinsons.
The salmon sashimi was okay but they used local variety of salmon or what appears to be the not so desirable part for sashimi. This looked like it was more suitable for sushi instead. Pwede na but Japanese food-lovers will surely be disappointed if they don't improve the sashimi
They call it "Antipolo Maki." It's obviously derived from "California Maki" and tasted okay. However, we were disappointed it only had cashew nuts and no mango in it. Antipolo is famous for suman, mangga and kasuy (rice pudding, mangoes and cashew nuts). The sticky rice (subbed by Japanese rice) was there as well as the cashew, but the mango wasn't.
The jury is still out there on Kampai Sushi Bar. We'll probably eat there again to check out the other items on their menu. We were there just for a quick, light meal and we weren't expecting much. But then we'd also like to have a good Japanese restaurant near our place where we can go to if we have cravings for Japanese food.


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