Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Nuezca Cafe - Maginhawa Street

A good friend spotted this restaurant one time we were looking for a place to have lunch along Maginhawa Street at UP Village. Nuezca Cafe is located at the corner of Maginhawa and Mahusay Streets near Holy Family School. We seem to be always passing it going to other restaurants so one lunch time we finally tried our luck so we could add to our list of restaurants and cafes we have eaten at along this popular "eat street" in Quezon City.

The interiors of Nuezca features hardwood tables and chairs. The furniture outside is of stainless steel or aluminum chairs and tables, suitable for the outdoors.
The cafe has indoor and outdoor areas for dining.
They have a large kitchen, which means they can handle many orders at the same time. This is important in terms of the waiting time for customers, especially those already hungry or are in a hurry for their meals (e.g., those on lunch breaks from their offices or schools).
Their pesto pasta with grilled chicken is good (period).
The chicken tinola seems to use native chicken (we didn't ask the staff) and organic ingredients. It was good and definitely something one should order on a rainy day.
The organic leche flan was good and the sweetness was just right. I don't think the taste had anything to do with it being branded as 'organic'.
The main issue for Nuezca would be the lack of parking spaces for diners. There are few slots available but these are on-street and shared with other establishments along Maginhawa. It is near a corner and vehicles cannot park along Mahusay Street. Of course, people taking public transport (tricycles in this case) or walking would not find any difficulties coming here but then that also defeats the purpose of Maginhawa being promoted for its restaurants. Surely, it is not only for people who live in the area but for others as well to enjoy the food Maginhawa restaurants and cafes have to offer.

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