Monday, August 17, 2015

A new Bag of Beans in Tagaytay

We had a most sudden and urgent trip to Tagaytay almost a month ago. As we had a 2PM appointment and arrived at the city around 12noon, we decided to have lunch somewhere. We thought about eating at the Bag of Beans near the rotonda but saw that the parking was already full so we passed on it and decided to check out other restaurants only to encounter congestion along the section across the new Ayala mall (Serin) in Tagaytay. We decided to head back to what I thought was another Bag of Beans that I spotted a few hundred meters from the one near the rotonda. We were able to find it quickly and descended unto a driveway to the hidden gem of a restaurant quite different only in terms of ambiance to the other two Bag of Beans that we have been to.

The newest among the three Bag of Beans that we know of is located along the ridge-side of the highway. It is apparently an old house that was acquired by the people behind the popular coffee shop and turned into a nice restaurant. From the looks of the interiors, this was a nice house and has a good view of Taal Lake and the Volcano Island.

Outdoor tables at Bag of Beans
Indoor tables and interiors of what looks like an old house converted into a restaurant
What used to be a bar now serves as a divider between the dining areas and the kitchen
Another photo of the interiors showing the spiral staircase leading to the 2nd level, which I think is level with the highway outside.

T-bone steak with buttered vegetables and rice
A very generous serving of chicken cordon bleu with buttered veggies and mashed potatoes
The food was good (as we expected) and the service was also good with their staff very attentive and friendly to customers. We will definitely be back to eat at one of these Bag of Beans branches whenever we are in Tagaytay. The latest one seems to be coming up with a Bed & Breakfast soon based on the reply to my question to one of their staff. Until the next time...


Augustus Martinez said...

Hello, do you have any list of the best Tagaytay hotels and resorts? Thanks. :)

Doctrine said...

I don't have one now but among the hotels that I would recommend are mostly B&B's like Sonya's Garden, Joaquin's and Nurture Spa. Of course, Taal Vista Hotel is the best full hotel in the city. There are many new and older hotels and B&Bs in the city and some are just expensive but don't really offer good service. We usually check out Trip Advisor for reviews.

Harry Neal said...

Okay! Thanks.