Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Chocolate review: Heidi Dark with Pistachio

Another Heidi bar I got from that supermarket at Clark Freeport is their dark chocolate with pistachio. I only tried the chocolate with the wife who asked one time after dinner about what's for dessert. I remembered we had this chocolate bar from the last trip to Clark and asked her to open one so we could together "evaluate" it.

The bar turned out to be a pleasant surprise with the pistachio nuts blending really well with the dark chocolate that's claimed to be 50% minimum cocoa. It tasted differently from the Lindt bar with pistachios that we also like (it was a favorite for me that I could get from a store specializing on imported foods during my time in Japan as a student) in that the Lindt bar was milk chocolate. The chocolate was smooth with just enough bitter in it and the pistachio was chewable with just enough crunch in it so it tastes really fresh.

Heidi dark with pistachio claims 50% cocoa content
Information on nutrition and ingredients are at the back of the package
Priced at 78 PHP per 80g bar, it is the same price as the other Heidi bars I've written about in this blog. It is good value for money for a very good chocolate. We haven't been buying the Meiji Black bars lately as I've bought quite a few Heidi bars to satisfy our not too occasional cravings for dark chocolate.

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