Sunday, August 9, 2015

Ippudo, SM Megamall

We were finally able to eat at Ippudo at SM Megamall. Every time we passed by the restaurant, it was full and there was a line outside. And so we decided to go there for an early lunch before our movie date. That turned out to be a good decision as we easily got a table and got to enjoy good ramen. A bonus were our orders of gyoza and karaage (essentially fried chicken), which we thought were also really good.

Shiromaru special
Shiromaru chashu
Karaage - their version of this 'fried chicken' is my current favorite among those I have tasted among the current crop of Japanese restaurants
Gyoza - the Clairvoyant said she preferred Ippudo's gyoza than that of another Japanese restaurant at Megamall specializing in gyoza
We thoroughly enjoyed our lunch at Ippudo. We will definitely be back for future meals. The prices are just about within the range of its contemporaries. Of course, it is a bit expensive than your usual meals at the Teriyaki Boys and Tokyo Tokyos but the food (i.e., ramen, gyoza and karaage) are two thumbs up on our list of the same we've eaten at other Japanese themed restaurants here.

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