Saturday, August 15, 2015

Chocolate review: Goplana Gorzka with Dried Fruits and Peanuts

I had featured recently a dark chocolate from Poland that I bought at a popular supermarket inside Clark Freeport. The chocolate was good and smooth at 60% cocoa. The only difference with the first Goplana bar I wrote about is that this one had dried fruits and peanuts integrated with the chocolate. The dried fruit was not candied so it was chewy and a delightful mix with the dark chocolate which had a hint of bitterness to it.

This dark chocolate bar with dried fruits and peanuts is a delight to eat with chewable dried fruit and nuts infused with the chocolate.
Detailed information on nutrition and ingredients are at the back. Note, too, the translation of dark chocolate with dried fruit and peanuts in Polish (Czekolada gorzka z bakaliami).

A bar is priced at 50.00PHP (about 1.08 USD) at the Puregold supermarket inside Clark Freeport. That's a good price for a 90g dark chocolate bar in the Philippine market.

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