Friday, August 28, 2015

Kazoku Japanese Restaurant, Maginhawa Street

A great find along Maginhawa Street in Katipunan is a recently opened Japanese restaurant. Kazoku is at the Second Floor on a new building beside Vida Doria near the intersection with Mahusay Street (across from Nuezca Cafe). The interior is impressive for a restaurant that's obviously in the mix in the very competitive Maginhawa scene. But more importantly, they food is good! 

We ordered salmon sashimi and scallop sashimi and what came out were good quality sashimi that were practically 'melt in your mouth'. I ordered zaru soba for myself and my colleagues tried their tempura soba. These also tasted good and authentic as far as we could recall many of our past Japanese meals.

Bar and sushi chef
Bar extension with a nice view of the kitchen
Tables waiting for the lunch crowd
Another look at the bar, this time without the chef but with the TV showing anime
Condiments on each table with a doll for that additional Japanese element
The interiors present a clean, well lighted place for diners. The sliding door to the left leads to a room that can be used for private functions such as meetings.
My favorite zaru soba
What's left of our chicken and yasai
Salmon sashimi
Scallop sashimi

The service is okay as their staff are attentive and helpful with the menu. The prices are also reasonable so it doesn't hurt the pockets. We will definitely be back here to try out their other dishes. They have quite an extensive menu so that means we will be coming back many more times to sample these.


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