Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Chocolate review: Ghirardelli Intense Dark Mango Sunset

Last month, I wrote about dark chocolate covered mangoes and basically praised the maker for using Philippine mangoes. These mangoes, I forgot to mention, were probably from the island of Guimaras in the west central Philippines. The island is well known for producing really good mangoes due in part to a variety that grows in that island and the neighboring towns across from the strait in the province of Iloilo. I think Guimaras mangoes are of the highest quality in that for a time (I am not sure if its still the case today.) mangoes from this island were the only ones allowed for export to the United States.

I picked up a bar of Ghirardelli's Intense Dark Mango Sunset as I was curious about the taste. I had tasted good dark chocolate with ripe and green mangoes before and the combination was good.
Details at the back show the chocolate making process, nutrition facts and the price tag.
Close-up showing a description of the chocolate. The ingredients don't mention any mangoes so I assume it is flavoring instead of real mangoes (e.g., dried mangoes).
Close-up showing the price tag and nutrition information for the chocolate
This bar costs 7.40 USD so it is a bit pricey. I actually don't mind the price if the chocolate was really good and therefore worth every dollar (peso) that I paid for. Unfortunately, I would have to say that this chocolate is not worth it and this is probably my first negative review for a chocolate that I took care in selecting and buying. The wife and I agreed upon first tasting the chocolate that the mango flavoring tasted like medicine - the type your parents probably gave you when you were sick as a child. They just didn't blend well and there was a not so delicate aftertaste. The bar was that unsatisfying that we did not finish it. The remaining chocolate is still in the refrigerator awaiting to be consumed. We will probably do that but we are not in a hurry and we have other chocolates in our stash to delay eating this one.

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