Friday, May 20, 2016

Chocolate review: Godiva 72% Cacao Dark Chocolate Almond

The first chocolates I ever gave to my wife were from Godiva. I got a box from their shop at the Landmark Tower in Yokohama and a friend hand-carried it home for delivery. That box was the first I ever bought and consisted of select pralines that I thought would impress someone across the seas. We shared a lot of chocolates since then.

I found this bar also at the airport duty free shop at NAIA Terminal 3. This was basically similar or same to the bars I had purchased at convenience store in Los Angeles last year that I was not able to post about.

Godiva 72% cacao dark chocolate almond is not surprisingly a good chocolate. The almonds are crushed and generously sprinkled with the chocolate; giving you a good crunchy bite.
Details on the chocolate at the back
Nutrition information and ingredients indicate a minimum of 72% cacao. The chocolate was not as bitter as the % implies but I should say is more of the 'semi-sweet' type. We thought it went very well with the crushed almonds.
The chocolate is a bit pricey at 10.80 USD (about 504.75 PHP) for 100g. Still, we thought it was well worth it considering it was not as exotic as the previous chocolates I have written about that had with them some fruit or special cacao.

The verdict for this chocolate is obviously on the positive side. That is, it is a bar that I will definitely get the next time I see one. The price though is suspect for me as I remember I bought a similar bar in the US for significantly less than 10 USD. I do hope the Clairvoyant finds this and gets a few bars for us to enjoy when she's back from her US trip.

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