Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Chocolate review: Neuhaus Dark Orange

I had started writing this as I first saw the initial result of the Philippine elections. Instead of writing about the results of national and local elections in the Philippines, I found it more interesting to write about chocolate. I thought of featuring a new one - Neuhaus Dark Orange, which I found in the NAIA Terminal 3 Duty Free Shop.

Neuhaus Dark Orange was another pleasant surprise among the chocolates I got from the Duty Free Shop. It was smooth and not at all bitter. The dark chocolate blended well with the orange.
Detailed information about the chocolate at the back
This chocolate claimed 56% cacao so I didn't expect it to taste bitter.
Nutrition information and the price tag
The price on this one is quite on the expensive side as the 100g bar costs 7 USD or about 329 PHP. Is it worth it? It is not as good as the other really good choco-orange bars I've tasted so the cost might not be justified. But then again I leave it to those curious to try out a bar and perhaps determine if its that good. I will certainly do so and I regret buying only 1 bar so we could not 'validate' our assessment of this chocolate.

Back to the elections, I post this now as morning came with news of a lady now leading a former dictator's son in the Vice Presidential race. This impending President-Vice Presidential tandem seems like dark chocolate and orange. Dark chocolate can be bitter to many but it is actually good chocolate and good for you. The orange makes the dark chocolate with high cacao content taste better and they do blend well.

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