Thursday, May 12, 2016

Pocky chocolate covered pretzels

I already featured one of my favorite snacks when I was in Japan. That is the Pocky pretzel sticks made by Glico. A box can be quite expensive at the typical supermarket, retailing around 120 to 180 pesos depending on the variant and the manufacturer. The more expensive ones are those from Japan instead of those made in Thailand. The 'basic' Pocky is the one in the red box and there are many other variants now like strawberry, green tea and cookies & cream that are available in local supermarkets. I found the following variant for what appears (if I understood it right) to be the bitter milk chocolate version of Pocky in a Daiso store. I got it for 88 pesos per box, which I thought was a reasonable price considering I saw the same priced at 160 pesos in a supermarket. I will surely buy me a few more boxes for my cache for when I have a craving for Pocky.

A box of Pocky contains 2 packs of chocolate covered pretzel sticks.
This box is a premium variant and there is even a message box for giving it as a gift.
The chocolate covered sticks are enjoyable to eat in part because the sticks are on the crunchy side. You can also play with it like I do, imagining a stick to be like a cigarette and consuming one bit at a time.  I don't smoke but I had played this pretend thing since I was introduced to similar pretzel snacks when I was a child.

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