Thursday, May 26, 2016

Go-en Ramen, Maginhawa Street

We had wanted to try out this ramen restaurant we spotted along Maginhawa Street at UP Village. Go-en Ramen seemed to us like a 'hole-in-a-wall' type of restaurant as its frontage indicated limited space and it was in a section of Maginhawa where you couldn't easily get a parking slot along the street. One time we had our chance as we decided to have an early lunch and got to park near Go-en Ramen.

The ground floor was full of customers when we entered and we were led to the 2nd floor, which was actually more like a mezzanine.
The area was bright with the natural light from the windows. The staff had to turn on the air-conditioning as it was hot upstairs. Apparently, we were the first to go up that day.
The menu is quite limited with few food choices. We did go there for the ramen so we made sure to order their specialty.
We noticed a lot of posters on the walls. I won't be describing each of them as they sort of speak for themselves.
Posters on the wall near the staircase.
Shoyu ramen for me.
 Kogashi ramen for my buddy
A view of the ground floor as we descended
Traditional Japanese toys on display and for sale at the restaurant
Here's what I thought was a nice photo of the ground floor dining area.
We thought their ramen was okay. It's not as spectacular or as authentic as the more pricey ramen restaurants that have sprouted around Metro Manila so don't have high expectations. It's more like a student-on-a-budget type of ramen house. I guess the place is good for a quick meal or perhaps a short tambay but its not a place you would probably be a regular at. Perhaps they can improve on their menu and add a few more items there?


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