Monday, July 25, 2016

Dama the repeat: terrific music

The Clairvoyant and I went to a concert last Saturday. We haven't been to a concert since December 2012 when we watched Sting perform live at the Araneta Coliseum. That concert was almost cancelled after Sting refused to perform at the original venue, the SM Mall of Asia Arena. This was after a group informed him of After that, we missed a few concerts we could have gone to and which we would probably watched. However, since 2012 we had our daughter Ally and we made the obvious choice of not being out late with only a few exceptions and with at least one of us staying at home to be with Ally.

This time around, as Ally's grown up a bit and we have tried going on "escapes" once in a long while. We tried to really go to this particular concert as we have tried to catch two of the artists in one of their gigs. Ebe Dancel and Johnoy Danao are our friends. We've known them since the 1990s and even had Johnoy and his then band Bridge perform at our wedding 14 years ago. Incidentally, the last local concert we attended was Ebe's when he was still with his band Sugarfree. This one was special because both were performing and a bonus was their comrade in music, Bullet Dumas. We missed the first concert as well as their gigs at Conspiracy.

Bullet Dumas, Ebe Dancel and Johnoy Danao
The concert was really good and we were not surprised by that. We were surprised though with the performance of Bullet Dumas. He was basically a beast (halimaw!) out there and belted out what we termed as "karaoke-proof" songs. Of course, we meant that in a good way. Johnoy was his usual great mellow and hearing him sing brings back good memories (he was our wedding singer). Ebe was also in a zone but we felt something about his performance that was on the personal side. You can feel his pain by the way he spoke and sang. Ebe mentioned during the last part of his solo that this concert will probably not be happening again. I would like to assume that as not happening in the near future rather than not happening at all. Meanwhile, we have their music in CDs and in our computers for us to listen to. We should be getting Bullet Dumas' music, too, as we found it both refreshing and energizing aside from being very intriguing.

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