Friday, July 15, 2016

Room service dinner at The Manor

Flashback to last month... On our last night at our hotel, The Manor, the Clairvoyant and I decided to just order in so we can also try room service food at the hotel. We already knew that their food was good from first hand experience as well as from our friends who have stayed and dined there. We were not disappointed with what we had for dinner.

Bolognese on angel hair pasta - this was a bit different from the other Bolognese we've tasted. The meat seems to have been grounded well so it integrated well with the sauce. This was flavorful and the serving was generous enough to share between two people.
Warm breads to go with the pasta - it is always a treat to have freshly baked bread for a meal.
Their version of beef salpicao was on the spicy side. It was a good thing we ordered rice to go with this dish.
Their Belgian chocolate cake - was sinful indeed and was a perfect ending to our in-room dinner.


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