Saturday, July 2, 2016

Useful curiosities at a tollway stop

We start July with a post on a recent find I made along, of all places, an expressway. A recent trip to Bataan provided a pleasant surprise in terms of a store I found at one of the stops along the North Luzon Expressway. There is a shop selling antiques and a lot of other old (and used) items from the US, Japan and Europe. The information on the sources, of course, came from the shop keepers and later, from the proprietor/owner whom I met as we were about to leave the stop. I ended up purchasing several items including a set of cups with pewter holders, which I show in this post.

This immediate caught my attention as I browsed the cabinets full of coffee and tea sets as well as various mugs, glasses, bowls and plates.
The designs on the china are exquisite so you know this was finely made.
Even the handle on the pewter holder seem meticulously crafted.
The cups caught my attention among the many other cups, mugs, pots, glasses, plates and bowls in the shop. When I initially asked for the price of the five cup set, the shopkeeper couldn't give me one as she said it was a new item. Fortunately, I inquired about it before we had our meal at the restaurant nearby. When we did finish eating, I decided to cross over to what I thought was another, different shop from across the restaurant. It turned out to be an extension of the shop I earlier entered and there was the proprietor/owner who I casually engaged in conversation. I ended up asking about the cups and the shopkeeper eagerly brought it to us for the proprietor to give me a fair price for the cups. In a future post I will feature the other items I got from the shop.

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